Mermaidens share new single 'Millennia'

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Mermaidens reveal a soft, pastel-infused dreamscape in their video for new single ‘Millennia’, that premiered with Undertheradar earlier today. Watch the official music video here, directed and produced by Tom Mannion and Caity Moloney, a filmmaking duo known as Lazy Susan.

“Everything is on spinning platforms, and the video eventually reveals that this woman and all her masks are on display too,” says co-frontperson and bassist Lily West. The circling visuals feel forced from reality, as the character contemplates life in an overly constructed dream world that cycles through different personas this character has created for themselves.

“Millennia is a deadpan dig at the masks we wear. I wanted us to explore the mess of feelings around that twisted meeting of media and identity and how it can create such a warped sense of reality. There’s an implication that we can’t be successful without this system, despite it not being that much good for anybody. The song is a big faker too - it's all pep and pop hooks, but it's a sad story. The title is a personal joke about feeling old at 25, it was always meant to be the temporary title as it’s not exactly subtle. But after recording, when the song turned out to be so melodramatic, it stuck.”

Listen to ‘Millennia’:

Watch ‘Millennia’:

Pre-order the limited edition gatefold pressing of Look Me in the Eye (dreamy blue vinyl) via Mermaidens’ Bandcamp and go into the draw to win Moon Cycle, a custom effects pedal made by kiwi amp-creator, Emerald Rose.

Out September 6th on Flying Nun Records worldwide

See Mermaidens live at The Others Way 2019 - Friday 30 August - Auckland

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Mermaidens announce Look Me in the Eye

Photo: Steven Acre

Photo: Steven Acre

Fresh off the tarmac after an extensive tour of the UK and Europe, Mermaidens announce their new record, Look Me in the Eye. The trio’s third full-length album is due out September 6th on Flying Nun Records worldwide. Today the band has also revealed the first track from their upcoming release called ‘I Might Disappear’, accompanied by visuals filmed from the band’s recent UK/EU tour. The footage was filmed by Ezra Simons and edited down by Mermaidens’ own, Gussie Larkin. Watch the full video HERE.

Listen to ‘I Might Disappear’:

Watch ‘I Might Disappear’ official music video:

Today Mermaidens are proud to launch the release of a limited edition, custom Mermaidens effects pedal, aptly called ‘Moon Cycle’, built and designed by kiwi amp-maker, Emerald Rose.

Pre-order the limited edition gatefold pressing of Look Me in the Eye (with dreamy blue vinyl) through Bandcamp and go in the draw to win the custom effects pedal! Pre-order HERE.

Look Me in the Eye sees Mermaidens scale new territory, fearlessly pushing sonic boundaries and producing a body of work as severe and progressive as it is vibrant and exhilarating. At the heart of the record lies the thematic exploration of female voices, as band members Gussie Larkin (co-lead vocals/guitar), Lily West (co-lead vocals/bass) and Abe Hollingsworth (drums) expose motifs of exterior masks, human relationships and power dynamics with unflinching fervour.

The title of the new album is intentional in its double-meaning, as notions of confrontation and intimacy collide to unearth the tangled paradoxes of human connection. The voices and perspectives of both front-women shape the record with equal footing, creating a dialogue around female collaboration and friendship.

Look Me in the Eye was recorded with long time collaborator, audio engineer James Goldsmith at Blue Barn Recording Studio in the trio’s hometown of Wellington. Predominantly writing songs independently and then coming together as a trio to work through arrangements and develop ideas, Mermaidens mobilised their strengths in collaboration to produce a body of music that is every bit as experimental, as it is accessible and uniting.

This year has also seen the release of their 7” split single You Maintain The Stain / Cut It Open. The A-side, ‘You Maintain The Stain’ (featuring the now precursory hint lyric “you won’t look me in the eye”) secured the #1 spot on New Zealand’s Alternative Airplay Chart, as well as topping the nation’s Student Radio Network Chart, following their mini tour of Aotearoa.



1. Crying in the Office
2. Sleeptalker
3. Millennia
4. I Might Disappear
5. The Cut
6. She’s Running
7. Bastards
8. Best to Hate the Man
9. Priorities 


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Mermaidens announce UK and European Tour dates, shares You Maintain The Stain video


Following a successful mini tour of Aotearoa, Mermaidens share the music video for 'You Maintain The Stain' (#1), the a-side of their 7" split single You Maintain The Stain / Cut It Open, out now on Flying Nun Records. See below for full list of UK and European tour dates, just announced this morning.

'You Maintain the Stain', a stern letter to “The Man” that resembles a big, subtle middle finger to the messed up power structures in this world. The stain refers to the deep-seeded microaggressions that so many experience. The stain is all that is bad.

“It's about being assertive and having attitude - thus defying gendered expectations that women should handle situations in a calm, kind way,” explains bassist/vocalist Lily West.

Blow by deathly blow, “The Man” gets dragged through a hot sludge of heavy bass-filled corridors, overcut by Gussie Larkin’s angular, off-kilter guitar lines - a topical gnawing of teeth fresh from the kill.

“You won’t look me in the eye, you’re afraid I see you. You can’t hide. Your things cast a light… I see through you, I see right through...” sings West in a cold, certain voice over a series of hard hitting sonic bludgeons, emphasized by Abe Hollingsworth’s dynamic work on the kit.

This is Mermaidens louder, more crushing and propulsive than ever. They are in their element, and at their most raw and confronting.

Stream You Maintain the Stain / Cut It Open here:
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Listen to newly released B-side 'Cut It Open':

The earliest sketches of Wellington trio Mermaidens follows the story arch of how most bands start; through long-term friendship and bonding over music that shaped their salad days. For Mermaidens, it was an eclectic melting pot of PJ Harvey, Warpaint and Fugazi to name a few.

Together, childhood friends Gussie Larkin (guitar/vocals), Lily West (bass/vocals) and Abe Hollingsworth (drums) form a powerful trinity of unwavering creativity and relentless work ethic. Their time together as Mermaidens has been a fruitful one; a timeline consisting of two critically acclaimed albums, being signed to iconic indie label Flying Nun Records, and a wide range of live supports that include Sleater Kinney, Death Cab for Cutie, Lorde, Mac DeMarco, and The Veils.

The internationally acclaimed Perfect Body (which drew a 2018 Taite Music Prize nomination) saw their circle of influence expand to a new, global audience. With its progressive and cinematic stylings on angular post-punk and grungeGoldFlakePaint said the record “should prove to be one of the summer’s most brilliant long-players," while long-time music critic Graham Reid of Elsewhere confirmed it as “a real listening experience.” Clash Magazine praised the record for its “Noisy, scratchy, enigmatic songwriting.” But perhaps it was God Is In The TV that explained the commanding presence of the record best by saying “I can quite believe that some of their tracks have mystical properties.”

Come 2019 and the trio are set to release a body of new work. The first split single 7” "You Maintain the Stain" / "Cut It Open" was released in April on Flying Nun Records. The band are in a new space. We are in darker, more confrontingly uncomfortable territory.

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